China Authorizes 4th Mobile Operator

China has authorized a fourth mobile operator , allowing state-owned China Broadcasting Network–which was created in 2014 to consolidate cable TV and broadcast operations in China–to enter the mobile services market. Two angles are noteworthy. First, CBN marks the entry of the cable TV industry in China into the mobility business. Second, the move illustrates a continuing divide among communications regulatory authorities about the “best” market structure for mobile communications. Given a choice, most seem to believe “four” providers a better structure (at least in terms of competition) than “three.” French regulators are foremost among proponents of a “three supplier” structure, largely to bolster the climate for more-robust investment

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China Authorizes 4th Mobile Operator

Industry Spotlight: United Cable Company’s Eric Gutshall

This month will see the launch of United Cable Company , a new affiliate of the David Ross Group that hopes to stir up some trouble in and around the submarine cable marketplace.  Eric Gutshall is helping to found the new entity and will act as its Global Head of Asset & Capacity Sales.  Eric is is moving over to UCC from his longtime role at Hibernia Networks, where he was one of the prime movers behind the first transatlantic cable to be built in a decade.  He’s here today for a quick chat prior to ITW next week.  … [ visit site to read more ]

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Industry Spotlight: United Cable Company’s Eric Gutshall

With Canada in Tow, Zayo Aims at More of Texas

Zayo posted its fiscal Q3 earnings today , with the biggest feature being the effects of the acquired Allstream assets in Canada.  Meanwhile, they also revealed a bit more color on their latest move down on the Texas front.  First things first … [Continue reading]

Verizon wireline strikers arrested outside company’s annual stockholders meeting

Verizon's striking workforce's frustration continues to rise as 15 people were arrested outside of the company's shareholders meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. More here: Verizon wireline strikers arrested outside company's annual … [Continue reading]

Cincinnati Bell reaches 40% Fioptics penetration in mature markets, on track to slow build in 2017

Cincinnati Bell is seeing that in areas where it has been offering its FTTH-based Fioptics data and video services for a number of years, penetration rates continue to rise. Excerpt from: Cincinnati Bell reaches 40% Fioptics penetration in mature … [Continue reading]

AT&T, Verizon, others look to high-band spectrum to clear a path to 5G

A sizeable amount of high-band spectrum currently in the FCC's hands is increasingly catching the attention of carriers like AT&T and Verizon, who have lofty 5G ambitions. Where is that spectrum available? Read more here: AT&T, Verizon, others … [Continue reading]

FairPoint won’t see benefits of broadband sub adds from CAF II program until end of 2016

FairPoint is moving ahead with its CAF-II planning and buildout schedule, but it will take time to actually see how the program will impact the provider's broadband subscriber base. Read more here: FairPoint won't see benefits of broadband sub … [Continue reading]

Windstream’s Thomas: Higher speed broadband drives up Kinetic IPTV attachment rates

Windstream may be early on in its Kinetic IPTV rollout with service available in a handful of markets, but the service provider is finding that were it offers the service with higher speed broadband take rates are rising. Read the original … [Continue reading]

Telecom Outsourcing Will Grow 3% Annually Through 2020

It never is easy for any executive to clearly identify a company’s “core competence.” Asked to do so, most people cite a list of “things we think we do well.” That is not core competence. To the extent a firm has such competence, and it is possible … [Continue reading]

Survey Shows Heavy Industry Leading IoT Deployments

In 2016, 43 percent of organizations will either already be using the Internet of Things or be implementing it within their environments, according to Gartner's survey of 465 IT and business professionals. Some 29 percent of respondents already have … [Continue reading]

CenturyLink "Between a Rock and a Hard Place"

CenturyLink, the third-biggest “telco” fixed network services provider is "caught between a rock and a hard place,” according to Jennifer Fritzsche, Wells Fargo senior analyst for telecommunications services. Basically, CenturyLink is not competitive … [Continue reading]

CenturyLink plans to reach 14M households with 100 Mbps over copper via vectoring

CenturyLink sees fiber as a key to its broadband strategy, but in places where it can't make the business case work for fiber the telco is confident that bonding and vectoring will enable it to deliver 100 Mbps and higher speeds over existing … [Continue reading]

FCC Says Set-Top Monopoly is a Big Issue; Consumers Might Not Care

As the U.S. Federal Communications Commission moves towards requiring third party supply of decoders used to receive linear TV programming, a survey by Leichtman Research suggests consumers do not care too much about renting decoders. “Pay-TV … [Continue reading]

Virgin Media to Add 1 Million FTTH Connections; BT to Add 2 Million

Virgin Media, owned by Liberty Global has said it will use fiber to home to connect about a million U.K. homes by 2019. That is historically unusual, as cable operators have insisted loudly that the hybrid fiber coax network is extensible enough to … [Continue reading]

Industry Spotlight: INOC’s Hal Baylor on Outsourcing the NOC

Today’s networks are increasingly complex, and keeping them running at peak efficiency takes a lot of work.  So for this week’s spotlight, let’s take a peek behind the curtain of the Network Operations Center.  With us today is Hal Baylor, Director … [Continue reading]

Earnings Roundup: Cogent, Lumos, Consolidated, GTT, Windstream

Lots of earnings news from network operators this morning, here's a quick look at five: ... [ visit site to read more ] Follow this link: Earnings Roundup: Cogent, Lumos, Consolidated, GTT, Windstream … [Continue reading]

Sigfox Launches 100-City U.S. IoT Network

Sigfox, the Internet of Things communications network, is deploying across 100 U.S. cities in 2016.  Sigfox operates in the non-licensed ISM bands (similar to Wi-Fi), using the 868 MHz band in Europe and the 902 MHz band in the United States. Sigfox … [Continue reading]

EarthLink says one-box approach will differentiate its SD-WAN service from competitors

EarthLink continues to move its SDN-based WAN (SD-WAN) initiative forward with plans to debut what it calls a one-box solution for its business customers that are transitioning more of their workloads to the cloud. The rest is here: EarthLink … [Continue reading]

Arris, Jinni and Huawei find new opportunities in evolving cable MSO market

Whether it's the emergence of new OTT video players, 4K or the FCC's "Unlock the Box" proposal, it's clear that cable industry manufacturer and services segment is facing a challenging yet innovative period. Continue reading … [Continue reading]

GVTC targets backhaul, OTT content opportunities with new wholesale division

GVTC, a Texas-based independent telco, is adapting its expertise in delivering residential and business-based fiber services to try its hand in the wholesale Ethernet services market. Read more: GVTC targets backhaul, OTT content opportunities … [Continue reading]

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